COVID-19 Testing Information



United Memorial Medical Centers strives to prove you care at the most reasonable prices. For COVID-19 there are many options to cover the cost of your care with the CAREs Act, HRSA Uninsured program, and general medical insurance.


We strive to make sure you get care without sacrificing your financial health. We will exhaust all of the above options prior to seeking financial reimbursement from you.


Please note that under the CAREs Act and the HRSA Uninsured program all patients that have general medical insurance or are Uninsured can receive care at No-Cost (FFCRA Section 6001(a)).


You will be informed before your services if cash rate pricing is applicable to you.


We thank you for your attention and hope for your speedy recovery.


UMMC Patient Advocacy Team




United Memorial Medical Center (“UMMC”) strives to be transparent and with confusion in the Houston area regarding “free” testing, we want to make you understand your rights and obligations regarding any services you may receive from UMMC.


UMMC is a privately-owned hospital chain in Houston Texas. We do not receive FEMA or any disaster-related funding in connection with providing services related to the coronavirus response. UMMC funds its operations through billing insurance carriers and government programs for the services it performs.


UMMC does not provide “free” testing but does provide no-cost testing through the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”) and the HRSA Uninsured program. These laws were passed to make sure that you could get a test or treatment for Coronavirus without the worry of the financial burden.


You will qualify for the HRSA Uninsured program if you have no insurance coverage for the services you need. If you qualify for this program you will not get an explanation of benefits and UMMC will receive reimbursement for its services directly from the program.


If you have insurance coverage, then you do not qualify for the HRSA Uninsured program. Your insurance will be billed for the services UMMC performs. It is important to understand your additional rights that FFCRA grants you in this process:

  1. Your claim should be processed with No Deductible, No Co-Payment, No Co-Insurance, No Balance billing, or any patient responsibility for services covered under FFCRA.

  2. You will not receive a billing statement from UMMC for services covered under FFCRA.

  3. You do not need to get medical authorization or approval from your insurance carrier for services covered under FFCRA.

  4. Your insurance is required to pay claims in accordance with the contract they have with UMMC or as indicated on our cash-pay rates.



We want to make sure the important distinction between “free” and “no-cost” is clear. UMMC is fighting to protect and improve the health of all Houstonians. Without reimbursement for services, we would fail in our mission and fall from the fight against COVID-19. We invite all questions and hope you a speedy recovery.